About Us

Pathologists Without Borders (PWB) is a Ghanaian medical diagnostics company that provides anatomical pathology services. Anatomic pathology is the branch of laboratory medicine that deals with diagnosis of diseases using tissues and cells. Tissues and cells are obtainable from the organs of sick people. Anatomic pathology diagnoses form the backbone of clinical diagnoses, management and follow up of patients. A patient suspected of having cancer must have a diagnosis of cancer from a pathology laboratory. This diagnosis is based on microscopic examination of tissues or occasionally cells taken from the organ suspected to be cancerous.

This may be cervix for cervical cancer, breast for breast cancer, prostate for prostate cancer. Initially the material obtained may just be a part of the cancerous tissue. These biopsies are just for diagnosis following which the organ is excised (surgically removed) for further anatomical pathology studies. In addition, anatomical pathology examines tissues to provide information on grading (the behavior of a cancer that is whether rapidly growing or slow growing) staging (the extent of spread of the cancer) and on target therapy which ensures that patients with cancer are treated with medications specific for their cancer with minimum side effects.