Consultancy and Private Autopsy Services

We provide services in respect of;

1. Case reviews / second opinion for histology and cytology

Recently, many clinicians have been introduced to reviews in pathology. Though well developed in other countries, it is still in its infancy in Ghana and patients are usually told by word of mouth to go and request for blocks for a particular reason. Again, the purpose of the review remains unknown to the first reporting pathologist. Finally, the reviewing pathologist never becomes known to the first reporting pathologist, neither does the new diagnosis is indeed there is a new one, It is our opinion that review processes need to be formalized and documented properly to ensure continuous quality control and quality assurance. We thus encourage the use of our pathology review forms and request feedback from review pathologist to enable us update our records and also improve our practice. The relevant forms are available on this website at: forms for download. Please ensure that this form is completed if you request a review / blocks for diagnostic procedures outside PWB.

2. Autopsies and exhumations

Autopsy literally means to see for ones’ self. This service is provided by individual pathologists who have years of experience working as academic and forensic pathologists. The service applies to both academic and medico-legal cases and to re-autopsy and independent autopsy requests. These pathologists also offer expert opinion in court regarding the cases autopsied. A full report is written at the end of such private autopsies. These autopsies establish the exact pathological causes of death.