Cytology Reporting Of Fluids, Aspirates And Scrapings

We do Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) of all lumps and bumps at our premises and the procedure is done by our pathologists in a safe environment. This also ensures that inadequate smears are immediately repeated for convenience so that the patient does not have to return another day for a repeat procedure. You can call any of our doctors to arrange this service during our working hours.

Effusion cytology: we carry out cytopathological evaluation of all effusion specimen such as pleural effusions, ascitic fluid, joint effusions, cystic lumps and cerebrospinal fluid.

PAP smear (cervical cancer) and breast cancer screening: These services support clinical screening/ preventative efforts as well as clinical diagnostic and follow up regimes for clinicians running dedicated services in cervical cancer and breast cancer. We supply kits and as part of our PAP service.