Histopathology Reporting Of Surgical Specimen

  1. We report surgical biopsies (specimen) taken from all sites of the body. We have pathologists with additional expertise in breast pathology, pediatric pathology, gastrointestinal pathology and Gynecological pathology. We ensure a good turnaround time (a maximum of 2 days for biopsies and 5 days for excisions and/or immunohistochemistry) that has the patient’s uniquely urgent condition in mind.
  2. We provide added support in the area of photographs of both gross (specimen) and microscopic (photomicrographs) slides for interested patients and interested attending physicians. Physicians who wish to have these sent to them just need to call any of our pathologists ahead of their academic presentations. In this regard, it is important that pathologists are aware of the client’s interest in gross (specimen) photographs ahead of surgical dissection at our laboratory. This will ensure that photographs are taken prior to sections being taken for microscopic analysis. Our team of pathologists may attend tumor boards if prior notice is given to us.