Immunohistochemistry And Molecular Pathology

We have a host of relevant immunohistochemistry available for confirmation of our diagnosis and for determination of markers for prognostication and target therapy. In connection with this, we have the following panels.



Tinto Estrogen Receptor (ER)

Tinto Her2 neu

Tinto Progesterone Receptor (PR)

Tinto Ki67

Tinto Cytokeratin HMW 34BE-12


Tinto CD3 RMab

Tinto CD10 RMab

Tinto CD13

Tinto CD15

Tinto CD20

Tinto CD30

Tinto CD11

Tinto CD45

Tinto TdT RMab


Tinto CD117 RMab

Tinto Inhibin alpha, RMab


Tinto EMA (Epithelial membrane antigen)

Tinto Cytokeratin HMW 34BE-12

Tinto Cytokeratin 20 RMab (CK20)

Tinto Cytokeratin cocktail, AE1/AE3

Tinto Cytokeratin 7 (CK7)

Tinto P63 RMab

Tinto TTF – 1

Tinto Chromogranin A

Tinto Synaptophysin


Tinto Myogenin RMab 3mls

Tinto Vimentin RMab

Tinto S – 100

Tinto Actin, smooth muscle


Tinto AMAC Racemase RMab

Tinto Cytokeratin HMW 34BE-12


Tinto Hepatocyte specific antigen/HepA-1


Tinto Mycobacterium tuberculosis

In addition to these, we are willing to order and carry out selected immunohistochemistry for dedicated patients from specialist clinics. In this regard we currently support the breast clinics, hematology clinics and the gynecological oncology clinics of hospitals that require this service. While offering IHC, we believe in a sound review process based on H&E stain and relies on pathologists experienced in various subspecialties of pathology. This is a cheaper way of arriving at a diagnosis though not as objective as when IHC is employed to differentiate between lesions. Thus, to enable us offer optimal services in these areas, we believe in building a mutually beneficial relationship with attending clinicians and patients by keeping an open communication channel.

Insitu Hybridization (CISH/SISH)

Plans are far advanced in carrying out chromogenic insitu hybridization for the detection of Her-2 amplification on Her- 2 equivocal breast samples. We hope to add probes for Non-Small Cell Lung (NSCLC) cancers if the demand is available.

Intra-operative consultation

Starting with cytology and adding frozen section in the nearest future.(Prior notice of surgery is required). This is service that can be requested for by individuals who carry out oncological surgeries. Our team will make themselves available with the items necessary to carry out a cytology based intraoperative consultation.

Pathology clinician consultations

We believe this is the way forward for pathology practice in the sub-region. It is the practice in other well developed clinical set ups and we believe in making ourselves available to our non-pathology clinical colleagues hence our Twelve –hour online, on phone consultation and discussion of cases. We believe that as pathologists, our services are clinical and thus our focus is the client. We believe in engaging colleagues who run various specialist clinics to ensure that they have relevant pathology support at every stage of patient care.