Who We Are

We are Ghanaian medical diagnostics company that provides anatomical pathology services. Anatomic pathology is the branch of laboratory medicine that deals with diagnosis of diseases using tissues and cells…Continue Reading

Our Services

Histopathology & Immunohistochemistry

This deals with tissue diagnosis. We receive, process, interpret and report all tissue biopsies from superficial and deep organs. These biopsies are done as part of initial diagnostic work up, for determining therapy, prognostication and for follow up …Read More


This relates to pathological diagnosis that is based on cells. These cells may be obtained by exfoliation which may involve actively scraping cells or collecting spontaneously shed cells. In other cases, the cells are obtained during an intervention such as aspiration of a swelling located…Read More

Private Autopsy Services

Autopsy literally means to see for ones’ self. This service is provided by individual pathologists who have years of experience working as academic and forensic pathologists. The service applies to both academic and medico-legal cases and to re-autopsy and independent autopsy requests…Read More

Test Advice

Our pathologists are readily available if a clinician needs to consult on a particular diagnosis or histopathological investigation relating to sideeffects. This service ensures that clinicians who are in doubt about what tests will be most beneficial to their patients can call for critical advice before they order their clinical pathology investigations…Read More

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    Email: pathologistswithoutborders@gmail.com

    Location: H/No. A585/4, Eduardo Mohdlana Street, Laterbiokoshie (Between Radio Gold and Salvation Army) – Accra